Teaching Portfolio


I’ve taught writing, literature and communication skills to thousands of students ranging from adolescence to late adulthood:

  • Literature (AP/Honors at secondary level)
  • Debate
  • Philosophy
  • Research
  • Composition
  • Public Speaking
  • Business Writing
  • Creative Writing

1. Resume:

Annalise Silivanch

2. Books

3. Teaching Philosophy and Approaches

4. Sample Student Paper: Based on my conviction that even analytical writing can speak to students once they forge a path towards it, I asked students to interview a family member or person who was 40 years old or older on the arc of their career. Students then used this interview as a “text” which they synthesized with a reading/readings from our coursework. Here, the student analyzes the career arc of her minister, while using the language of writer/activist Parker Palmer to argue that our personal intrinsic gifts lack true value without their application to society.

5. Archived Recommendations*:

*Based on higher education experience; for updated 9-12 recommendations, please contact me.

6. Archived Performance Reviews & Additional Feedback, higher education: for most recent secondary data, please contact me.

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